After a rather cool arrival day, we woke up to a beautiful sunny day.  After a quick breakfast, and an early exit, we were had a few logistical hitches before we set off to the building site.  We visited the hardware store on route which neighbours the local community centre.  After purchases of a few very needed tools; wheelbarrows, trowels, measuring tape & fishing lines, we made our way to the building site. 

We were super lucky today and we had 6 other volunteers from the GGA to help us to lay the foundations.  Today, we took on the task of concrete mixing, and energetically wheel barrowing it to the trenches.  The team soon jelled into building concrete block towers,  the “human chain” way of passing the blocks and preparing the site for the team tomorrow, to take the works to the next stage.

One car of the GGA team went on one of the monthly supply drops in the valley picking up Geraint on the way, delivering much needed food and clothes to the Cato Ridge Valley people which was a very emotional experience, in every way, big day for everyone!

In the meantime Lula and Theo made friends with some local kids and set up a photography & dance workshop.  A truly amazing experience, in which the photos, we’re sure, speak for themselves.

This evening, we were invited to an evening with ‘Gogo’ Heather, (Grandma).  It was a great honour to meet with the founder.  The meal, which actually felt like a banquet, was followed by a most amazing surprise to us by an indepth performance by the young Zulu warriors.  The energy was flying high and after the wonderful impromptu performance by GGA, the Brookfield GGA Team 2012 took a few lessons in Zulu dance.  We must practice more this evening as Ceasar, one of the Zulu warriors, is going to coach us throughout our stay!   Watch this space, there is talk of a UK GGA concert in 2013, we could be the backing dancers!!! 

After much eager anticipation Team GGA 2012 had left for their 7000 thousand mile journey to South Africa! UK traffic, 2 planes and some serious bush later... We arrived safe and sound at God’s Golden Acre!

We have had a warm welcome from Myrtle Heather’s (the founder) sister at our accommodation, a  Rondawel as you can see by the pictures.

We have been given a tour of their site and buildings by Julian, a helper here, the area and established buildings that have been built here is astounding.  We managed to spend a little time with some of the children; you could see immediately the happiness on their faces and what exactly GGA is all about.

Our appetites have doubled so we are rather worried about the possibility of worms now...

The children at The College Nursery (Peterborough Regional College) have been kind enough to let their friend Gerald the giraffe join us on our adventure to South Africa!!

Gerald is very excited to visit all of his relatives on safari and looks forward to meeting and making good friends with the children as Gods Golden Acre.

The 'pre-schoolers' (aged between 3-4 years) have been learning about Gerald's homeland over the last couple of weeks and are eager to build friendships across the ocean with children at Gods Golden Acre. They have even been kind enough to send a gift to South Africa in the form of a story book about Gerald.

We hope this will be the start of a lovely friendship and The College Nursery is keen to raise funds in the future to assist the good work carried out by all at Gods Golden Acre...watch this space!