The children at The College Nursery (Peterborough Regional College) have been kind enough to let their friend Gerald the giraffe join us on our adventure to South Africa!!

Gerald is very excited to visit all of his relatives on safari and looks forward to meeting and making good friends with the children as Gods Golden Acre.

The 'pre-schoolers' (aged between 3-4 years) have been learning about Gerald's homeland over the last couple of weeks and are eager to build friendships across the ocean with children at Gods Golden Acre. They have even been kind enough to send a gift to South Africa in the form of a story book about Gerald.

We hope this will be the start of a lovely friendship and The College Nursery is keen to raise funds in the future to assist the good work carried out by all at Gods Golden this space!
11/10/2012 04:05:25

We're sorry to see Gerald leave the Nursery today, but we can't wait to have him back to hear about his South African adventure and all the stories about the children from GGA.

Good luck to the Brookfield Multiplex team, you can do it...especially now you have Gerald on board to help!!!

See you soon Gerald love all the Children from The College Nursery
xxxxxx :)


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