Sept 2012 – 1st Meeting of the New Team

Firstly, I have to say that on behalf of all of those that were chosen for this trip, what a great honor and privilege it is not only to be picked but to take part in such a life changing experience, (for us) and for the ones that we can help in the 2 weeks we are there!

Nick Bailey, who initially introduced BM to GGA (George Assimakopoulos) was kind enough to attend out 1st meeting and give us a insight into how GGA came about and their lives.

A great start was to actually see the plot of land that we are going to be working on, currently a shack, made up of planks of wood, metal sheets, plastic sheeting, anything they could find lying around it looked like. We are awaiting on specifics of the house that we are required to build as finding out from Nick etc, the logistics for this house is very intricate due to the timing we have and the availability of materials.  We really need to get the ball rolling and make sure we have what we need when we arrive!

Marina Ostroshchenko was kind enough to attend and give us a scope on how she found the experience and some finer details on the snakes and Spiders we can look forward to seeing out there! :-$

We really do have our work cut-out though, 6am starts to 6pm finishes, then it will be back to camp for some downtime.  Our camp we have been told is near the kids quarters so keep an eye out for football games and basket ball with the locals!

If we are lucky enough we do hope to meet Heather as she is always very keen on seeing the volunteers that come to GGA.  Her sister ? is actually going to be the point of contact for us through Aleks to co-ordinate jobs, travel etc!

So, it’s all go at the moment as the days approach quite rapidly now!  We hope you keep an eye out on our blog but especially whilst out there as its going to be a WILD one!

George Assimakopoulos

Hi guys

Hope all is well - look forward to hearing your stories next week.

Ross and I were just looking at your blog and wondering where all the building work is. Hope you are finished on time.

Take care - have a good journey back.




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