19th October

Twilight saga eat your heart out, Steven Spielberg eat your heart.  This is Team GGA 2012!

Following our previous blog we ended our 1st week in Afrika-ka-ka-ka-ka on a high, Colin and Lula being the ultimate duo in block enforcement.

We left our site 6 blocks high and our efforts are now starting to resemble a mansion.  We found out on Thursday that our 2 room house was actually going to be a 4 bedroomed house, consisting of a kitchen/diner, 2 bedrooms,  a spare room for the shepherd, chickens, puppies, cats and not to forget and a *F* veranda (NO JOKE) a *F* veranda!

After a week of hard graft we very much deserved a weekend away ... in Heather & Patrick’s ‘Ark’...The animals went in two by two...Kittens, Germans and the Brookfield crew...The weekend was finally here...

Battling through wind and rain we settled in for the road trip of our lives. Our departure from GGA was the first insight to what ‘excitement’ laid ahead of us... escorted by Heathers pack of barking dogs, and a slightly flustered Patrick we said a final prayer and off we went.

  ......................Twelve hours and 5 verses of songs later we arrived in St.Lucia. Craig, Heather’s conversationally challenged co-pilot will never be the same again, neither will be Angela’s face...

A few highlights:
·         Rita croc fighting
·         Lula spitting on an Iguana
·         Colin’s Masterchef class (Where’s my sausage??)
·         Dutch Bush
·         Sofa snoozing
·         Craig’s near death experience
·         St. Lucia drive by
·         Tyres & prayers
·         Jabba sleeping in
·         Squished kittens
·         2hours in a wind tunnel
·         Aleks screaming
·         ‘Doing a Lula’
·         Rolo face/Elephant woman
·         Market Shopping
·         John Dory last orders
·         Collin getting pick pocketed... ‘Disgrace to Scotland’
·         I’m not a rapist but come and see my campervan
·         Sucky de arssesssss
·         Drunken walk home...’No more men’
·         Pool hopping...the leap of faith
·         Shots of rum
·         Woaaaahhh your dog is on fire
·         The booze bus
·         Failed Safari in the middle of the night
·         Geraint midnight shower
·         Worlds quickest Safari – that’s what she said
·         Game keepers girlfriend – gobble gobble gobble
·         Who let the dogs out
·         Road works & pineapple
·         Candlelit dinner
·         Banned from a cattery
·         Zulu/topless dancers
·         Synchronised snoring
·         ‘You see one hippo you’ve seen them all’
·         Zulu Rita on the pull..... seven cows & a good tribe
·         Hippo booze cruise
·         Hard hard hard eggs  - ‘I like it hard’
·         Amazing brekkie
·         ‘I just felt my fanny’

not all of these highlights mean a whole lot to everyone, or anyone for that matter. So for added value just blackmail one of us for intimate details.

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