After much eager anticipation Team GGA 2012 had left for their 7000 thousand mile journey to South Africa! UK traffic, 2 planes and some serious bush later... We arrived safe and sound at God’s Golden Acre!

We have had a warm welcome from Myrtle Heather’s (the founder) sister at our accommodation, a  Rondawel as you can see by the pictures.

We have been given a tour of their site and buildings by Julian, a helper here, the area and established buildings that have been built here is astounding.  We managed to spend a little time with some of the children; you could see immediately the happiness on their faces and what exactly GGA is all about.

Our appetites have doubled so we are rather worried about the possibility of worms now...

21/10/2012 11:21:31 am

have an amazing time all of you,,, really cant believe the difference somethign likes the the lives of theses people... all immenseley prouf of you all.
take care, and good luck


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